Modes of Presentations

Modes of Presentations

Physical Conference Presenters

Oral Presentations

  • Opportunity to do a Live Physical Presentation at the Conference.
  • Each Presenter will get 12 Minutes to do their Presentation (PPT is Recommended).
  • Each Presenter will have 03 Minutes for Q&A Session.

Poster Presentations

  • A Time Slot Will Be Allocated For The Poster Viewing In The Conference Program And Please Ensure That You Stand By Your Poster(S) For Discussions And Questions During That Session.
  • Poster Presenters Are Able To Explain Their Material, Answer Questions, Exchange Contact Information, And Fully Discuss The Subject Matter, As Visitors Examine The Displays During The Time Allocated For Poster Presentation.
  • You Could Print Your Poster And Attend The Conference.

Online Virtual Presenters

Online Oral Presentation

Live Zoom Presentation

  • Opportunity To Do A Live Zoom Presentation At The Conference.
  • Each Presenter Will Get 12 Minutes To Do Their Presentation (Ppt Is Recommended).
  • Each Presenter Will Have 03 Minutes For Q&A Session.

Pre Recorded Video Option

  • This Option Is For The Participants Who Would Like To Record The Presentation And Play It Than Presenting Live At The Conference.
  • The Presenter Should Record The 12 Minutes Video Presentation And Send It To Us. (The Video Should Be 12 Minutes Or Lesser).
  • The Organizing Committee Will Play The Video In Your Presentation Slot.
  • The Presenter Should Be Present During Your Presentation Slot, Especially For The Q&A Session (03 Minutes Q&A).

Online Poster Presentation

  • Each Poster Will Be Displayed At The Conference For 05 Minutes. (03 Minutes & 02 Minutes)
  • Posters Should Be One-Page Powerpoint Slide/Pdf/Image To Be Shown In Zoom.
  • All Posters Will Be Uploaded On The Conference Website Before The Conference For All The Participants To Download Or Go Through It.
  • The Poster Should Be Sent To The Conference Committee By 2 Weeks Before The Conference Date.

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