Special Features

Special Features

Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshop on "mHealth Innovations for Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease" by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erica Schorr

This interactive online workshop will delve into the transformative potential of mobile health (mHealth) technologies in the realm of cardiovascular health. Our focus will be on innovative approaches to both prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases using the latest mHealth tools and applications.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn about the latest mHealth technologies and their application in cardiovascular care.
  • Discover how mHealth can aid in the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  • Engage with experts to understand the challenges and solutions in implementing mHealth strategies.
  • Network with professionals and experts from the health tech industry across Asia.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erica Schorr

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erica Schorr

School of Nursing,
University of Minnesota,

Workshop on " Use of chatbots in manuscript preparation " by Dr Kadir Uludag

This workshop will provide a comprehensive look at how chatbots can be utilized to streamline the manuscript preparation process for academics and researchers. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and accuracy, Dr. Uludag will guide participants through the practical application of AI in academic writing.

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how chatbots can transform the manuscript writing and editing process.
  • Discover the best practices for integrating AI tools into academic research.
  • Navigate the ethical considerations and ensure the originality of your work.
  • Get ahead of the curve by understanding the potential future trends in AI for academia.
  • Connect with fellow researchers and academics interested in technology’s role in research.
Dr. Kadir Uludag

Dr. Kadir Uludag

Mental Health Center
Shanghai Jiaotong University

Conference Workshop Series: Igniting Innovation in Healthcare

Workshop on “Transformative Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare”

This workshop aims to explore the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the healthcare industry. Participants will gain insights into how AI technologies are revolutionizing diagnostics, treatment planning, patient management, and healthcare operations. The workshop will include theoretical discussions, practical demonstrations, and interactive sessions to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI’s role in modern healthcare.


  • To understand the fundamental concepts and applications of AI in healthcare.
  • To explore how AI technologies are transforming various aspects of healthcare.
  • To gain practical experience with AI tools and techniques relevant to healthcare.
  • To discuss the ethical and regulatory landscape of AI in healthcare.
  • To envision future trends and innovations in AI-driven healthcare solutions.
Prof. Padmini Ranasinghe

Prof. Padmini Ranasinghe

Co-Director: Education Division of Hospital Medicine
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion on "Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Digital Healthcare"

Explore the importance of collaboration between healthcare professionals, technologists, and policymakers. Discuss how interdisciplinary teamwork can drive digital transformation initiatives, ensuring holistic and patient-centered care.

Panel Discussion on "The Role of AI in Enhancing Diagnostics and Treatment"

Discuss the integration of artificial intelligence in diagnostics and treatment strategies. Explore the challenges and opportunities of AI applications, including personalized medicine, predictive analytics, and innovative treatment modalities.

Panel Discussion on "Patient-Centric Innovations: Co-creating the Future of Healthcare"

Discuss the importance of patient-centric design in digital health innovations. Explore how involving patients in the design and development process can lead to solutions that truly meet their needs and improve healthcare experiences.

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